What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is seo

Make your website visible on Google?
The best way to make Google and other search engines love your website is to produce good content. Great content can encourage people to link to your website and generate more natural links showing search engines that your content are interesting and authoritative. Constant update your website with fresh content can also encourage people to come to your website more often in result making your site to increase the popularity.


How does search engines rank pages?
All search engines love fresh content. They visit every single website constantly to find out if any new content are produced. Search engines valued authority pages in result ranking them high in search results. So in order to make your website rank high in search engines, fresh content is the key.

Simple way to get a better search result!
There are ways to improve the search result or simply the ranking of your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those and the most popular and cost effective method in long run. According to Google, there are over 250 factors that can affect the ranking of a website but this is actually a really time consuming process. So instead of manipulated all 250 factors, most people will only focus on some of them and these include on-page (or on-site) optimization such as creating a search engine friendly website, off-page (or off-site) optimization such as link building, content writing, blogging, social media marketing etc.

How to get links for my website?
Link building, the best and most effective way to improve the ranking of a website. However, don’t confuse the quality and quantity of a link building campaign. As an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), we believed one good quality link worth more than a hundred of poor quality and non-relevant links. The best way to generate links naturally is again, produce good and fresh content. This will definitely increase the chance of generating more natural links from quality and relevant pages.

Final thought
The bottom line of making a site popular is always relies on content. The more fresh and unique content that you can produce on your site, the higher the ranking that you can possibly to get from search engines.

One final thing about picking a topic. Always write something that can benefit to the others such as a tutorial of how to play guitar, tips about writing a research paper or how to make a origami chair. This will definitely be more interested than writing a daily personal diary.

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