A Trip To My Lovely Home Town, Hong Kong

Two days before I go back to my home town Hong Kong for the first time visit in ten years. It is an excited moment and I don’t really feel that until today. I try to treat it as a normal travel like usual but seems like I can’t really overcome my mind. I am going to stay there for the next 2 weeks but will also do a little short flight travel to other Asian country and we are still planning not that.

This vacation plan is a bit rush actually and I didn’t plan to go in the spring time but sometimes things not really under our control. We got to do what we got to do! That is always the best plan. I have a lot of works pending though and I got to continue to work on it even I am on vacation…sigh.

On the bright side, this trip I am pretty sure I will gain a decent amount of weight because the food from Hong Kong is fabulous and once you start eating, I assure you can’t stop until you are breaking your stomach.

Dim Sum

In case if you are not familiar with Hong Kong, here is a little facts. Hong Kong was a little island located on the southern coast of China. It was a diversified city with mixed culture of western and far east and it used to a colony of UK. And because of its cultural background, you can find something that is very unique of a cultural combination and these can reflected in its food, life style, language etc.

There is a saying “Hong Kong is a heaven of food”. Anything you want to eat, we have it. Whether it is traditional Chinese dim-sum, Japanese sushi, American fast food, western fancy gourmet or simply grab and go street food. You can always find something that can fulfill your hunger.

Besides of food, Hong Kong is also a super duper fancy up-to-date city. With a top 5 ranking in highest living standard place in the world, living in this little town will never makes you feel laid back. Everybody trying to catch up their foot step to the society and it is not uncommon to see no homeless people here.

Two more days, I will be back and visit this lovely city that I ever raised at, Hong Kong. Stay tune guys, I will keep you post for any new update about my trip.

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