Who is going to be the new US president?

2016 USA presidential election

This is definitely a hot topic these days. Who is going to be the new president of the United States in 2016? Excuse me that I am not a fan of anything related to politics but what I would like to say is we need a president that can really make America great again and at the same time, care about us as a citizen of the United States. No more races, no more battle, no more high taxes, and bring us more opportunities. I know, these are not something we can expect to achieve in the next few years but at least we want to see something in progress.

I wish people can understand election of a country is not a show and it is definitely not a game either. In order to win the competition, candidates and their teams try hard to beat their competitors up, attack their weakness and things. Well, I would put it this way, in order to win the election, all they need is to prepare themselves well enough to show us what they can bring to the United States and not to focus on how to beat up the one standing next to them.

Let’s see who is still running for the president?

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