Seaworld Is Ending Its Orcas Breeding Program

Seaworld Orcas

It’s really a good news to the orcas that was announced by SeaWorld US on the March 16, 2016 saying it will stop breeding orcas as of right now. The reason is because they are continuously under public pressure and dropping attendance rates. This is really a great day to not just the orcas but to a lot of people and those animal protection group who spend time and efforts to support and protect animal life.

Seaworld Orcas

Orcas, a really smart and intelligence types of animal that can travel hundreds of kilometers in a single day but for those whom got lock up in a tank and performing to the visitors, this is absolutely non-sense and no life at all. I meant everybody including wild animals deserved to live in this world and we all are equal. The bottom line is no one has the privilege to take the other’s freedom.

The company will end all orca breeding as of today. ~ SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Inc.

Seaworld ending orcas breeding program

This is how orcas should be?

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