Neighborhoods in Los Angeles: A Movers Guide

LA Movers Guide

If you are now thinking to move in to the southern California, this is what should continue to read about. I have been living in Los Angeles for almost two decades both renting and owning properties. It is a truly diversify city that you will never find anywhere can compare with. After years of living, here is what I can provide you this Los Angeles Movers Guide.

Los Angeles is like a cluster of many little towns combine into one good metropolis but to be honest, our public transportation system doesn’t really that outstanding to satisfy what we need. Instead, we actually relied heavily on driving to get around. Whether you are new to LA or a long time resident, and because of its diversify culture, you got to be very careful to find the neighborhood that can perfect fit your lifestyle.

Checklist in choosing a neighborhood in LA

  • Parking? Los Angeles is one of the most populated county in the US and as the city fills up, parking spot becomes increasingly difficult to find. So it is better to find places with great parking.
  • Be sure to visit the area that you decided to move in. Both day and night! This is very important because some area may have a different feeling (i.e. they become a little shady or potential dangerous etc.) when the sun goes down.
  • Consider public schools in the area if you have children. Expect a higher budget for those areas with decent schools.
  • Set your budget before checking out the neighborhoods. Depends on what types of property you are looking for, prices from some areas may give you a big shock.
  • Do neighbors seems friendly or socialize?
  • What the crime rates within the neighborhood?
  • Is the area easy to access? Or does it require a long commute to your work place. This is important especially if you have elderly person in your household in case they need your help at any time.

Pros and Cons of some neighborhoods in LA

Beverly Hill

Pros: Celebrity city with excellent schools. The city is well organized and clean. Easy to find parking spaces in most area except the retail part. One of the most safety neighborhood in town.

Cons: Extremely expensive. Hard to find parking spaces during peak hour in the retail center.

Downtown LA

Pros: Nice and historic art feeling. Charming old houses and easy to access neighborhood on foot.

Cons: Another expensive neighborhood. Horrible in finding parking spaces.

Manhattan Beach

Pros: One of my favorite city. Nice family oriented community with excellent school district. Beach-side setting and close to the airport. One of the best place to relax and chill out.

Cons: May deal with high foot traffic when in summer tourist season. Commute may be an issue if you are happen to work at the central area. Expensive house price may sometimes scare people away from this lovely beach city.


Pros: Very LA oriented, good old city in town. Historic, bungalows and guest cottages are all over the place.

Cons: Limited access only by freeway 101 which is one of the most sluggish freeway in town. Some part of the area deal with higher crime rate and drugs.

Santa Monica

Pros: Fairly close to the beach, easy accessible to places on foot. Good school district. Excellent relax city for both single and family.

Cons: Expensive house price. Parking is horrible in most of the time.

Silver Lake and Echo Park

Pros: Another good old historic city in the east side. Hip and trendy type of style. Perfect for single and young couple.

Cons: Parking and crimes issues are something that may have to deal with. Not desired for those who are looking for good school districts.

Culvery City

Pros: Great fun city with lots of restaurants and nightlife. Some public schools with above average ranking.

Cons: Traffic can be bad sometimes. Some parts of the city seems a bit industrial and uninspiring.


Pros: Above average school district. Easy accessible to freeway 405. The city is well-kept and clean.

Cons: Parking may be an issue sometimes.

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