KFC: Our Chickens Don’t Have Eight Legs

KFC Eight Legs Chicken

Some of you probably see a post from online media about some chicken with egg legs that was claimed people found from the farms of famous food chain KFC. Although it was a pasted news, I still receiving couple of this rumor post in the past three months or so. It was on January, 2015, KFC was already taken action to sued three Chinese companies for allegedly spreading false rumors in order to show the public that their chicken is not a flying spiders. According to the Wall Street Journal, the false rumors that was against KFC that their chicken has six wings and eight legs. The lawsuit accuses that those involved three Chinese companies of “misleading the consumer” by posting inaccurate information no social media in both articles and photos.

The three companies who involved in the lawsuit case are Ying Chen An Zhi Chenggong Culture Communications, Wei Lu Kuang Technology, and Ling Dian Technology, the article said.

Due to the sharply declined on profits and sales. KFC decided to do something in order to recover from a public relations nightmares in China.

I’ve been seeing the eight legs post since couple years ago but when I first saw it, my first thing in mind is “really, egg legs chicken like a spider grown in purpose for feeding human being?” I really doubt that a famous food chain will do this kind of DNA makeover and risk to ruin their years of reputation. This is a ridiculous post and now I still enjoy their crispy and juicy chicken with my family 🙂

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