Japan’s oldest Elephant, Hanako, dies at 69

Japan's Oldest Elephant

Japanese is always one of the countries that has a long life expectancy. However this is not just apply to the Japanese people but also to those animals who live in there.

Excuse me using such opening for another bad news I wrote today. “Japan’s oldest Elephant, Hanako, dies at 69”

Our Lovely Elephant Hanako! RIP!

Hanako, which means “Flower Child” in Japanese language, who just passed away quietly and calmly at the age of 69 on Friday at the Tokyo’s Inokashira Park Zoo according to Kiyoshi Nagai, head of the zoo. The cause of death was not immediately known but the autopsy would be conducted later in the day and that the animal’s body would be donated to medical research according to the zookeepers.

Final thought
I wish lovely Hanako can reach a place that can live happily and peacefully. No more got lock up in anywhere and find his freedom and companion…

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