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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver, a celebrity chef (you can also read my other favorite celebrity chef Guy Fieri) who is well known in UK and became famous in US since the last few years after his healthy revolution cooking idea got block cast. After watching few episodes of his Jamie’s American Road Trip in 2009, he became one of my favorite chef and over the years, I have almost watched thru all his published videos from his YouTube channel. I am kind of like the way that he presents in his cooking shows, casual, funny, using random elements for his recipes etc. Much more to share and I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to cook in a simple and easy way to watch Jamie’s shows. Some other Jamie’s show I would recommend,

Jamie’s Comfort Food (2014)
Jamie’s 15 Minute Meal (2012)
Jamie’s Dream School (2011)
Jamie’s 30 Minute Meal (2010)
Jamie’s Ministry of Food (2008)
Jamie at Home (2007)

Since I believed 2 years ago in 2014 he focus mainly online with a brand new channel named FoodTube where he published a whole lot of short and simple videos showing how to make simple meal in just minutes. Nice and simple to learn, I really buy that.

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