The History of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I was born and raised in Hong Kong until I came to the United States in almost two decades ago. In my memories, Hong Kong was a very nice and brightful city. With a little over 426 square miles, Hong Kong was comprised by Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. It was occupied by approximate 7 million of people. Back before 1997, Hong Kong was a colony of the Great Britain and because of that, both Cantonese and English are the official languages of Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong was a colony, under the management of British, it was extremely well developed and civilized.

Due to numerous factors, Hong Kong became a celebrity city and start attracting people from around the world. According to the Tourism Commission of Hong Kong, over 60 millions of people around the world came to Hong Kong for visit during the year of 2014. It is definitely an amazing numbers. This year, 2016, I decided to go back with my family for a visit to this big o city that I ever came from…so excited.

Below are some pictures that I have found online and would like to show you a bit of my home town – Hong Kong.

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