Why Google Bots Not Crawling/Indexing My Site?

Google Crawling

This is probably one of the questions that I’ve been asked at least few times a month. First of all, you got to know how google bots work. As many people may know, these little bad boys will come to your website and crawl for any new content update and index them. However, there is no guarantee that how often a google bot will crawl your website. The best thing you can do to speed up this crawling process is to always keep your site update with new content.

What is Crawling

Crawling is the process by which Google bot discovers new contents by reaching a site based on various factors. Google bot (also known as robot, bot or spider) can be described as a little software that being sent out automatically without any human actions involved.

How Often a Google Bot Visit My Site

There is no guarantee how often or how soon a google bot will visit your site. Crawling is a process that based on many factors and it may not happen instantly especially for a site that is newborn. Things that you can do to speed up the crawling such as adding a sitemap and update it every time when you have new content up, work on the keywords, backlinks and Search Engine Optimization can also help to increase the chance of getting crawl.
Tip: Make sure to put your sitemap link somewhere on your page e.g. footer for easy access by google bot to ensure they will follow your sitemap.

What is Indexing

After your content get crawled by the google bot, they will then be processed to make sure the content is not duplicated before indexing. Your content may not get index for some possible reasons such as:

  1. Duplicated content either internally or externally
  2. Any content that is violated in google’s policy
  3. Poor content

How Long Does Google Index My Pages

It may varies, it depends on how rich, relevant is your content, and how often you updated your site. It may takes somewhere from a day to weeks or even months for a new site. For a magazine or news website, it got crawl few times or even more per day.

In order to get your content crawl more often is to produce good amount of content in a regular basis. Make sure to provide your readers fresh, and unique content as Google just like human beings, want something new and fresh. Avoid anything that will violate the google’s term of use and/or trying to outsmart google. It may not be a good choice or ending go even more steps.

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