Adsense HeatMap : Smarter Way to Place Your Google Adsense

adsense heatmap

If you are familiar with Google adsense, you must heard of the term “Adsense Heatmap” but in case if you are not familiar or don’t even heard of it, this is the article you should continue to read about. In this post, I will describe what is “heatmap” and how this can help us to increase our adsense CPC.

A brief introduction of Google Adsense

Although this article is not talking about Google adsense, I choose to give you a brief introduction about what Google adsense is. Google adsense is actually an advertisement program that was offered by the giant search engine Google. Simply register a free adsense account with Google, follow the instructions provided by Google adsense program and place it into your website, within minutes you can start earning money from it.

Google adsense by far is the best and most easiest advertiser program that I have been used. And because of the hugh pool of advertisers within the Google adsense program, it covers pretty much every single industries and providing a wide range of ads. Whether your website is about technology, news, life style or even some random facts, there are always relevant ads that is perfect to show on your site. For details about Google Adsense, you can read my other article “How Google Adsense Gets You Extra Income“.

Now you have your adsense account setup and placing the ads on your website but seems no one hitting it that much and the CPC is still quite low….so what next? There are many factors that can affect the CPC on your website and adsense placement is one of those.

Adsense Heatmap

Deciding where to put your ads within your website can determine how well it will perform. Let’s take a look of the official Google adsense heatmap here.

adsense heatmap

Non-Technology Vs Technology Readers

Based on the fact that non technology websites mostly get higher CPC revenue than a technology website and the reason is because readers of technology websites tends more aware of those advertisements by simply ignoring them. On the other hand, readers of non-technology websites are more reliefs on their eye in result a higher CPC can be obtained from them.

Another fact is that because technology readers knowing the rules of the game, your ads will get more hits from these group of people for appreciation if they found something useful from your website such as offering a good article.

Smart or Hard

In order to attract more people to visit your website, first you need to have good quality content and once you have the traffic, the second thing is to make your ads show to your reader’s eyes while not hampering them and knocking down your advertisements. Remember, placing more ads on your site or post doesn’t mean you will get a higher CPC, indeed, you may actually annoying your readers and increase your the bounced rate instead of the CPC.

Tips on Adsense Placements

Most websites get better CPC by placing ads on top of the article header
Placing text links in between the content also get a better chance to earn more
Google search unit is another way can increase your adsense revenue. Make sure you place it in a visible spot that can be easily accessed by your users.

Another few places that you can consider

Above the post
Sidebar banner
Sidebar Video unit

Final Thought

Try to test it out yourself and see which parts of your site can give you a better CPC. It is always recommend to place your ads smartly without hampering your readers. If you find an empty spot on your site, just place an ad to fill it up and at the same time, it also give you the opportunity to earn more.

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