How Google Adsense Gets You Extra Income

Google Adsense

Blogging is actually fun to a lot of people, a way to express and share your experience with others. This article shows youhwo to turn this blogging into a side income.

Advertising Program

One of the easiest and best way to make money from blogging is by displaying advertisement on your personal blog or website. There are many advertising networks that you can choose from the market such as Google adsense, Viglink, Chitika, and Infolinks. Among all these, I will highly recommend Google adsense. It is not just because it is easy to setup but also its pay rate is pretty decent. Say if you have an existing blog with good amount of content and traffic, you can easily make somewhere around few hundred to few thousands dollars per month without doing any extra work but just blogging. You may properly think this is something that too good to be true but actually I am not writing this article for any commission or profit purposes but to show you this is pretty easy money for anyone who wants to make some side incomes while they are sitting in their daily nine-to-five chair.

What is Google Adsense

I am a full time web developer and blogging is one of my big favorite thing to do. I am currently running few websites for different purposes including this one Over the years I have tried different advertising networks and I found Adsense is one of the best that I have ever used. Adsense if a product from Google which allows anyone to put contextual ads on their website. You can simply go to their official website and sign up for an account, follow all the instructions and put the code on your website then you are good to go and start making money.

Advantage of Using Google Adsense

Unlike some of the advertising networks, Google provides legitimate advertisement programs for all its publishers and you don’t have to worry about if they will offer inappropriate advertisements such as porn or gambling etc. By putting the advertisements on your blog/website, it will automatically display the ads based on the visitors search and browsing preference. Every time when a user click on the ad, you will earn the money varies from few cents to few bucks depends on which advertisements that click on.

Google Adsense Book

Adsense is the idea of displaying contextual advertising network which means the ads that will display is based on the content of your website. For example, if you are writing a blog about buying and selling shoes the ads that is going to be displayed are most likely related to shoes.

Another way that Adsense shows ads is by browser cookies method which is based on the user search history and pattern to determine what ads is going to display to increase the conversion.

In short, Google Adsense is so intelligent to find the right ads to display to make sure it is relevant to the viewer’s interest and thus, to increase the chance of clicks and let you earn more in compare to other advertising networks.

As of today, this website live for about a little bit more than two months starting the end of March and because the way that I pump it up in content and some SEO activities that I did on the site, the first month of March I was earning $16.29 and the second month in April my earning is $48.32 and this month May so far my earning is $42.17. For those of you who are not familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it may probably takes you a little bit longer to start making money but in long run, using advertising programs on your blog is definitely an alternate way to make money.

Easy To Setup

Everything from Google is very user-friendly. Simply go to Google Adsense and create an account. Grab the ad code and put them wherever you want to display the ads on your blog and within couple minutes, the ads will start running on your blog.

Is Your Blog Ready To Adsense

Adsense is one of the most popular and highly rated ads programs. However the approval process is simple but they do reject some websites that in need of improvements.

Support Forum

Adsense provides one of the biggest support forums for users among all the advertising programs. There are lots of resources that you can find from the forums that makes your life easier.

Final Thought

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is one of the best advertising programs out there. If you are thinking to make some extra income by blogging, this is probably one of the easiest way and don’t be surprise that there are lots of people that is making more than 10k per month just by blogging with all the add-on advertising programs that put together into their blog.

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