Fish Delight: Donald Trump’s Favorite Mcdonald Item

Donald Trump - Fish Delight

New Mcdonald’s Item: Fish Delight?

Mcdonald should definitely consider adding this new item onto their menu, The Fish Delight!!

That was a funny joke turn into Mr. Trump, Donald Trump yesterday on CNN when asked by host Anderson Cooper what he eats when he goes to Mcdonald and his first answer was “Fish Delight”. Anybody ever heard of anything called “Fish Delight” from Mcdonald’s menu??? I personally never heard of it….well this is something that we are trying to tease him anyway, I am sure Mr. Trump was trying to say “Fish Fillet” instead.

May be Mcdonald needs to consider adding this new item into their menu. Because of this free marketing offers that made by Mr. Trump and I am pretty sure those Trump’s supporters may go after this fresh item from Mcdonald.

Image credit: © Spencer Platt/Getty Images
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