Explore, Learn and Play is What Kids Need

This is my first blog on Family Monday after I restarted posting again. During the past couple years when I was not blogging. I spent most of my time with my family and especially with my son. I have done so much research on parenting and applied what I’ve learnt into my daily life with my kid. It was a really fun and interesting process that brought me lots of memory for life.

I always talk to other parents, attend schools and also share my experience with others. To me, raising a kid is really fun and joyful although lots of parents may not agree what I said 😛 Raising a kid can be hassled if you don’t know how to play this game or if you don’t know where to start. Again, I am not an expect on this topic. All I trying to do is to share what I’ve learnt and my little experience with others.

Since my son was 2 years old I started taking him to music class. It was like a playgroup with few other parents and kids. The instructor then started giving us instructions to follow and doing some simple movements with our little one under soft music. I did hear people and even my friends complaint or challenge the benefits of taking these types of lessons but my comment is a very good opportunity for kids to learn what coordination is about and help them to develop their motor skills as well.

Like I have mentioned I started my child early in things. He took 2-3 sessions (total about 5-6 months) on the music playgroups then I started him with some sports. Tennis and swimming, every activity that he took I will make sure he felt interest or he won’t get any motivation to continue the classes. Later he also taking art lessons and till now, he still having all the activities on his weekly schedule and in the past one and a half years, he never skip one lesson, not even one. I can tell he already built up his confidence and interest on all the classes that he is taking.

Some parents purposely fill up their kids’ daily or even weekly schedule just for a reason of “make them busy” but not caring if they are interested or not. That is totally a wrong idea and that is also why most kids will quit the activities after a while. If the child can’t find the interest of doing the activities sure they will leave, sooner or later.

It is possible to allow kids to do multiple activities to fullfill their parent’s preference but just to make sure they have the choice to choose what they like or at least feel interest. Starting one activity at a time and make sure they have a balance in both learning and resting. Do not make them overwhelm or they will lost the interest of learning.

I know how difficult as a parent. Raising a kid involves lots of works, times, patients and the most important thing is love. Like I was just talking about, if your kid can’t find the intest of taking the lesson, eventually they will quit, similar idea as parenting, if you can’t find the joyful of doing so, eventually you will feel bore and what and how you react will easily reflect in your behaviors which result will affect to your child.

Again, I always teach my kid “Explore, Learn & Play”. What it means is you have to figure out who you are. Through exploring and learning you can get a better understanding about yourself. Don’t overwhelm yourself, find ways to enjoy your life and make your life full of color.

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