How Restaurants Can Engage Customers With Social Media?

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Social Media Marketing

Instead of using the best marketing mix, are you not able to attract the desired traffic towards your restaurant? If so, then you certainly need to add some sizzle and flavor to your marketing strategies. Well, there are several social media tools, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. that will get you more brand-loyal customers at your door. Now-a-days, social media has become an integral part of the daily life of almost average population, therefore, can help your restaurant in experiencing the taste of success.

1. Facebook

These days, Facebook has become a favorite place of many people where they love to “hangout” with their friends. You can drive more and more customers by creating a business page of your restaurant so that customers can “check in”. Here are some ways to increase foot traffic into your restaurant by using Facebook.

  • Share images of lip-smacking food in your updates.
  • To keep your customers excited and visit you frequently, use social contests and sweepstakes on your Facebook page.
  • You can give lucrative offers and deals to those, who “like” your page. You can add more fans to your page by enticing your existing fans to share your offers and deals with their friends in order to take the advantage of group deals.
  • You can post Facebook ads for the customers of a specific geographical region. Not only this, you can also geo tag your posts. This works great when you are having a chain of restaurants.
  • Include videos in your updates. These videos will surely aide you in creating a visual appeal for your customers. You can embed videos of the interview with a happy customer or any chef, or videos related to how food is prepared in your restaurant.

2. Twitter

You can engage your customers just in 140 characters through this micro blogging platform. You will be amazed to know that Twitter has over 500 million registered users, and over 250 million tweets and retweets can be seen on it daily. Now, you can imagine how great it will work for your restaurant if included in your marketing mix!

  • You can tweet promotions to followers, new menus and links.
  • Twitter also allows you to display the user appreciation, and address the complaints or problems.
  • Although, Twitter is a text-based site, but you can include images of your food to increase the number of followers and drive more traffic into your restaurant.
  • Tweet group offers to promote your restaurant.
  • Don”t forget to use hash tags in your tweets.

3. Instagram

Photos leave long-lasting impressions on the minds of the customers. So, the best tactics is to market your restaurant through an immensely admired photo sharing site, i.e. Instagram. When used in conjunction with Facebook, Instagram can do miracle for your restaurant business. You just need to use this promotional tool wisely to get more customers at your doorstep.

  • As per your requirements, you can use campaign specific, niche or trending hash-tags to attract the traffic.
  • Post photos of yummy and mouth-watering menu items. To interact with your customers socially, you can send them invitation to involve in your menu decision making process. It will serve as a word of mouth for your restaurant as your customers will show and talk about your scrumptious food to their friends.
  • Click the photographs of your staff members working with your menu items or product, and post them on the Instagram feed of your restaurant. Don”t forget to add a short description of the photo. This will reveal a good working environment and an excellent customer service.
  • To increase customer loyalty and entice them to engage with your menu and restaurant, you can organize a photo contest on Instagram.

4. Pinterest

Just like a bulletin board, Pinterest is simple yet appealing. You can either post photos or insert link to photos of your restaurant and food items to connect the customers with you. Whether your restaurant is big or small, you can induce the customers to visit you through pleasing images of culinary and decor of your restaurant.

5. YouTube

Do you know that after Google and Facebook, YouTube is the third most visited site? YouTube allows you to share videos with your customers. To pull more customers towards your restaurant, you can upload videos of behind-the scene, special dishes or chefs preparing foods.

Choose the social media which you think will work great for your restaurant and remain unbeaten by your competitors!


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