Little Dog Named Bubba Tests Positive for Heroin and Meth

Drug Addicted Dog

It is Animal Friday again. Today I would like to share a story about a poor little pup in California who was found under the influence of drugs during a recent bust on March 22.

Bubba, a mixed terrier who got rescued from a hotel room during an arrested in Tustin, California has tested positive for methamphetamine, and heroin is now going through rehab, according to authorities said.

Tustin Police Lt. Robert Wright said the little drug addicted dog was found in a hotel room during an arrested of Joshua West, 40 who was on parole for drug violations.

Later, the Tustin Police were contacted and told that the little pup was tested positive for meth and heroin and may under the influence of of drugs during the rescue.

Authorities do not know how the drugs get into the dog’s system at the moment but it is most likely the dog became addicted through breathing in the fumes inside the hotel room that the police find him.

The young Bubba is now under medical care and is doing “excellent”, according to the Tustin Police Department. The OCAC (Orange County Animal Control) says that once Bubba recover fully he will be put up for adoption and hopefully go to a safe and loving home.

After weeks of treatment, Bubba is doing great now! He is clean and very active and he also got a special guest to visit him, officer Laurich, his life saver reunion with him at the Orange County Animal Care.

bubba and wright

Bubba the drug addicted puppy is thriving during a reunion with Officer Laurich who saved him from previous owners who exposed him to meth and heroin.

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