China’s Dog Meat Festival At Yulin

China Dog Festival

Most of us treat dogs, our best friends as pets. But you can’t imagine there is a city named Yulin in the southern part of China has a tradition of dining of dog and there is even a Dog Meat Festival has taken place on the summer since 2010. People from other parts of the country even joke about the southerners will eat everything with legs but the table.

Two weeks before the annual dog meat festival, an international coalition of animal welfare is stepping up and pressure the China government to stop this illegal event.

A petition of over 11 million signatures was submitted to the Chinese Embassy in London on Tuesday, according to the Humane Society International.

Every year during the festival, over thousands of dog was slaughtered and severed in the restaurants in Yulin. The images of dogs being beaten and gutted have been published through different media. Many viewers including celebrities and politicians have raised the issues and throw their support hope to stop this festivals. Unfortunately, the local government denied the summer dog meat festival ever even exist.

The slaughter frenzy went down in 2013, 2014 and further down in 2015, according to Mr. Li, activist who visits the city over the years. He said, “The dog meat industry in Yulin and in the entire country is shrinking.”

China's dog meat festival

Final Thought

My initial idea of having animal Friday was to promote things that are funny and joy to talk about animal. But every time when I do my google search, there are always things about animal cruelty or related posts popup which I can’t ignore and stop sharing my thought about the post. It is really a heart breaking moment every time I see those pictures and videos.

Although I am just writing on my own personal blog and am no body to save the world but I still want to try my best to say what I say and do what I do to stop any animal curtly I see if possible.

I really would like to share my love and do more help to our society. Would you also help a bit and make my dream comes true?

Please do a bit more to help

Source: New York Times
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