Brace Yourself: The First Day on Earth For Chickens Is Terrifying

Save Chickens

It is Animal Friday again and of course our topic is going to straightly animal but today I am going to show you something that you may not want to see but it happen around us everyday if you are a meat or especially chicken lover. Personally I am not a big fan of meat, plus I have allergy to lots of food including beef, seafood and many types of fruit (which I feel glad that god bring me this allergy so I can eat less meat) and lately I choose to eat less meat for quite a few reasons.

Human Rights! Animal Rights? Chickens Rights

First, because I am trying to stay lean and healthy, Secondly since I consider myself a animal lover so I choose to eat less meat and go green or something else plus I really would like to do something to help saving animals to be honest. As a human being, we have human right, but so do animals? Well not that much and I think people care more how to make their meat look more juicy and lovely.

Next I am going to show you a video which I captured from the showing how the first day life of thousands of little lovely chicken would be. It is a very terrifying video and be brace yourself.

From the video you will see thousands of little chicken is treated like a production unit. All the workers care about if they are qualified to go into the market for “slaugher” in the next 40 days. If not, their life will be end same day they born at the final stage of the conveyor belt.

Please make a commitment today to leave animals off your plate

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