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So….What technology, science, web design, jigsaw puzzle, animals, beach and diet coke all have in common? Well…nothing really except that Jan loves them all. Jan started his career at Radio Disney and ever since AM1110 became one of his favorite channels. The next stop he landed was NBC and there, he got a chance to meet J. Leno every single day in the studio filming his famous show “The Tonight Show”. The last two stops before he ended his nine-to-five life were Gateway computer and a financial institute. He then moved on and start his own design company till now.
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What is this website all about?
Jan has been blogging since 2008. Over the years, he has blogged a lot of different topics and some of them got featured in Yahoo, Fox and few other named sites. Topics that he has been blogged about including book reviews, movies, celebrities, animal rescues, parenting, child care etc. Jan doesn’t limit himself in any particular topics, he continues writes anything that he finds interest and will share with his readers and this is the website all about.

What is he focusing on now?
Ever since he has started his own designing firm few years ago, he’s busying on his client’s projects and all the consulting and management works with his lovely team. Lately, Jan is also focusing on his first life book and an online channel that is yet going to live.

What is missing now?
A mission that can share and bring his happiness to others including animals. Jan is a big animal lover and his next life mission is going to dedicate some time from his life to help and save animals and hopefully one day he will have his own animal rescue team.

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“Life is simple, all we need is food, water and love.” ~Jan

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