7 Ways to Manage People Who Bothering You

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Have you ever experienced someone that really bothering you? I am pretty sure you did. So did I. How did you handle the situation and what is the result? Let me share my experience and the ways that I will recommend.

1. Change yourself, not others

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to handling the situation of being bothered by someone that you don’t like is trying to make someone change. I am pretty sure you will find the outcome won’t turn out like what you expected, right? My thumb of rules is when dealing with people, it is always recommend to change yourself, not others. By changing the way that you perceive it and how you react to it can make everything else subsequently to change as well.

2. Draw your boundaries

Making clear of what you can and can not tolerate. Then stick with it. This is very important to make yourself understand what people can and can not cross over to your personal space. By drawing the boundaries, it is easy to tell yourself to eliminate the kind of behaviors that you don’t expect from others, even mentally.

3. Let people know upfront

Not everyone can read your mind so in order to avoid any one trying to cross your boundaries. Let them know upfront about where you stand. Sometimes it is better to give people some indicators to prevent any unnecessary misunderstand.

4. Speak out if needed

Don’t be shy to speak out. This is the way to tell people your feeling at the moment. If the person does not stick with the boundaries that you told them upfront, then enforced them. There are nothing more straightly than to let someone know by speaking out.

5. Ignore them

Ignoring sometimes is the best response than anything else. When you respond, which assumes you have the intention to continue the conversation. However, if you choose to ignore them, you are simply telling the person you have lost of interest to continue the conversation and he/she has no choice but to seek out somewhere else.

6. Never take it personally

Try not to think negatively. Things may not always go the way you thought. Sometimes people just like to criticize or because they have a bad mood. They may not have a reason to against anyone. So do not take it personally just because they show their attitudes.

7. See what others handle them

Try to observe others how they handle the same person that you feel annoying. They might have a better way to handle the case. So always keep your mind open and observe in a third party point of view to see how things get manage.

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