4 Marketing Strategies that Will Help Your Start Up Get the Recognition You Crave

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

If you recently started your own company, you have been busy from the get-go. Perhaps you’ve only recently started to start toying with marketing approaches, or perhaps you’ve been neglecting marketing efforts all together due to other tasks that have taken precedence in order to get the company off the ground. If you are doing your own marketing, it can be tough to get the kind of recognition that you want, and generating positive publicity is tough if you’re busy trying to handle all the other responsibilities that come with running a business. However, if you want your company to succeed, you can’t let marketing endeavors sit on the back-burner any longer. Read ahead for some ideas on how your start up can finally move out of the shadows, and into the spotlight.

Referrals Can Be Your Best Friend

Referral programs are an excellent way to expose a lot of people to the goods and services you offer very quickly. With a referral program, you’ll have members of your loyal customer base inform their friends and family members about your products such that they are likely to start trying them. When you implement your referral program, be sure to include an incentive for your loyal customers so that they’re more likely to tell their loved ones about your products. You might consider offering them 50% off their next purchase or a month of free service. Studies show that customers are generally more likely to stick with a company longer if they are referred by a friend or family member as opposed to if they find the company on their own. Obviously, this can be an extremely valuable tool that will save you time and money, so don’t shy away from recruiting customers to be your own personal cheerleaders.

Have You Created a Recognizable Brand?

If you’re a relatively new start up, you might have tried a few marketing tactics, however if you don’t present a strong brand to the public, you won’t get the type of recognition you want. Do you have a distinguished and recognizable logo? Have you tried creating any slogans or taglines that will distinguish your business from others? If you don’t have a logo or anything else that distinguishes your specific company, it will be tough to get your name out into the public. There are a plethora of different brand-building techniques you can implement in order to spread the word about your company and get the public to recognize your name and logo when they see it. One of them includes the use of promotional products such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, and pencils. By placing your company logo or motto on these items, your marketing strategies/efforts are sure to be successful.

More than ‘Likes’ – How to Truly Utilize Social Media

Perhaps you have been using social media platforms to try and promote your company and products, however, are you really taking full advantage of these accounts? Posting something on your Twitter or Facebook company profiles once every few months will not get your company engaged with customers and potential customers, which is the point of using social media for your business. Use Twitter every time you have an event, sale, come out with a new product, or have anything relevant to say. The more often you try and interact on social media, the more interest you will generate for your company. Don’t bombard your followers by posting something every five minutes, but utilize social media to connect with customers, especially those in your area. While on Facebook, you can run free contests and offer promotional products as prizes, thereby increasing curiosity about your company. You could also sponsor community events and publicize them on Facebook, showing your involvement with the community. Just like with your website, simply having social media accounts will not draw attention to your company.

You Need More than a Website – Tried SEO Yet?

SEO is one of the most important marketing strategies that a budding business can implement to ensure continual growth and expansion. For most start ups, their first few tasks when it comes to the internet are to establish a website, and or blog. If your start up has been around for over a year, you likely have your website and blog all set up, and should have worked out all of the bugs. Now that you have an established page for customers to find you, it is important to generate traffic to the site or blog using SEO techniques. You can’t just rely on the fact that you have a website to generate traffic. Using SEO tactics will help to get your website higher rankings, and pull you up on Google so that customers will find you more easily, or find you even if they aren’t necessarily looking for you. One of the greatest SEO/marketing strategies you can use is the creation of interesting, informative content. Great content can catch and keep the attention of prospective clients, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase once they begin perusing your website. If you are unfamiliar with how SEO works, it will be worth the investment to hire a company that specializes in these techniques. The great things about hiring out to these companies is that you can start small, and then add more SEO services if you feel the company is doing a good job of getting traffic to your site.

If it seems like you are having no results when it comes to your marketing efforts—re-think your marketing strategies. When it comes to marketing, you have to go the extra mile to get the recognition you want. It’s not enough to have a website, you need to optimize your traffic. It’s not enough just to have a nice logo, you need to slap that logo on any signs, clothing, or other product you have in order for it to become a familiar symbol for customers. It’s not enough to wait for customers to walk off the street and come asking for your business, you need to use your connections to build your client base through referrals. It’s not enough to log on to your social media profiles every once in a while and say “hey” to your customers, you need to actively engage customers through posts about your products, announcements, and publicizing events. If you are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to your marketing efforts, you will find your company in the spotlight a lot more often. If your marketing efforts thus far have been failed attempts, don’t give up! Re-evaluate your methods and think about in what areas you can kick things up a notch, and before you know it, your start up will no longer be waiting in the shadows for someone to notice you.

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