20 Ways to Make An Outstanding Blog

20 Ways to Make An Outstanding Blog

Now you have your own personal blog and the next step is to let people knowing your exist and making it stand out. This includes three elements. Providing good and fresh content, using appropriate methods to promote your website and to make it sharable so that people and spread it out for you.

Providing Good Content Does a Matter

1. Use Killer Punchlines To Bait Your Readers
Headline is the first thing people use it to determine if they will go further to your post or not. If you don’t have an outstanding punchlines to grab people’s attention, no matter how good of your content is a just a waste as no people will go further to read it. So it’s worth to spend your time to think of a good punchlines.

2. Professional Design
In most cases, the first impression of a website is the design. How does it look provide a very important factor to make one continue to read on a website. Get a nice and professional template and customize it as much as you can to make it looks more fun.

3. Write Some Juicy Topics – Write trending topics. This is one of the tricks that can make a site talkworthiness. Whether it is about politics, celebrities or even gossip, if it is hot, worth to spend the time to blog about it.

4. Pick Good Examples – Use more examples to make it more memorable. Whether it is a real case or a story, use it as an example and incorporate into your post will make it more persuasive to read.

5. Keywords, Keywords and Keywords – Promotion is all about keywords. It is recommended to pick one keyword to focus on each post. It will definitely increase the chance of being searchable on search engines.

6. Incorporate Visuals – Adding images, and graphic materials help to grab people’s attention. These eye-candy makes an article more eye-catching and people loves to see things visually than just text-based.

7. Use Videos – Some readers are more tends to video watching type instead of reading boring text. So incorporate video into your post can also grab the attention of this group of readers as well.

8. Make Content Easy to Read – Writing big blocks of content scare people away. Break your content into small paragraph and make it easy to read. Use bullet point is another way to make your content easy to read and organize.

9. Internal Linking – Try to link any relevant post together within your blog will not just encourage your readers continues to read from your blog but also aids the website navigation and help distributing the page authorities and the ranking power throughout the site.

10. Publish Consistently – Make blogging as a habit. It is recommend to publish two to three times a week with fresh content. This way not just keeping your readers to visit your site regularly but also search engines.

11. Invite Other Bloggers To Write For Your Blog – With other bloggers posting on your blog will also bring in traffic from their followers.

12. Things Review – Do some reviews on anything that you were interested, books, movies, or technologies.

Promote Your Blog

1. Offer RSS Feeds – Make RSS feeds available on your blog so that readers will get notify with the latest updated on your blog.

2. Share Your Posts in Social Media Platforms – Make that available every time when you published a new post.

3. Add Your Blog’s URL to Your Social Media Platform – Take the advantages of the social media, you can’t imagine how powerful they people can spread the words.

4. Use Other Form of Media – Wherever you leave a message or comment on other websites or blogs, don’t forget to mention your blog’s URL.

5. Guess Post For Others – Besides of inviting other bloggers to guest post on your blog, you can also do so for others. This is another way to get your name and blog URL in front of other people’s eye.

6. Add A Link To Your Signature – Imagine if you are sending out 5 emails a day, That is more than 100 emails a month that you are sending out to notify people with your blog’s address.

7. Add Your Blog To Business Card – This is another way to spread the words every time you do so.

8. Giveaway – People loves free stuff. Occasionally you can run a special give away to engage new readers.

In order to make a site becomes popular involves a lot of works and efforts and the most important thing is patient. Keep doing what you are doing, blog consistently with great and fresh content, promote it with appropriate media platforms and eventually will reach out your audience.

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