10 Reasons Why American Obese



Obesity has been a problem in America since years ago. In fact, there are many factors that can influence our weight. Genetics, environment and behaviors all play a very important role in your weight. While there are no ways that we can change our genes, we can make a change in our lifestyle. Below are 12 unhealthy behaviors that may cause us obese in most cases.

1. Lack of Sleep

People don’t get enough of sleep are more likely to be obese. According to the research, an estimated 50-70 million US adults have sleep or wakefulness disorder. Studies show that sleep deprivation increase your appetite by releasing a hunger-stimulating hormone from the body. That makes you eat even more than usual.

2. Sitting Too Much

Spending too much of time sitting is an other factors that makes you obese. Studies show a long period of inactivity such as sitting may slower down our metabolism and burning less calories results in increasing the chance of getting obese.

3. Eating Too Much

Eating too much of food not just bringing your body a hard time to digest it but also give your body an excess of calories. In other words, the more or the bigger portion you eat, the higher the chance you will gain weight. Simple as that. It is always recommend to have small plates of food, five to six times a day to increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

4. Sugar Beverages

Sugar drinks such as soda, juice or any energy drinks have been h2ly linked to obesity. The more you drink, the more sugar intakes into your body which also increase the chance of getting obese

5. Processed Food

Studies show the more processed food such as crackers, and frozen dinners you eat tends to gain more weight in comparing with other non-processed food.

6. Stress

Every day we are facing different types and levels of stress. A high level of stress tends to give you a higher chance to be obese. Studies show. stress release the fat-storing hormone which may trigger the cravings for sweet and fatty foods.

7. Lack of Exercising

This is one of the big issues most American experiencing. We are spending too much time on our work, and life but don’t forget to allocate a portion of our time to exercise. Experts recommend work-out twice a week in moderate-intensity activity such as brisk walking can definitely help controlling your weight.

8. Skipping a Meal

This is definitely a very wrong concept of skipping meal to cut down the calories intake and lower your body weight. However, this is actually the opposite, skipping meal makes you feel hungry result in eating even more in your next meal.

9. Emotionally Eating

Some people may eat more when they are having an emotional issues such as sad, happy, or depress. Over the time, this emotional eating habit may lead you to obese.

10. Eating Out

Research shows only 14% of families dine at home seven days a week. People dining out few times a week tends to gain more weight. Restaurant meals always contains more calories and sodium than home made meal.

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